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Charleson® helps top brands thrive in Africa.


helps top

brands thrive

in Africa.

Charleson® is Africa’s top marketing agency.

Global brands often miss the mark in Africa. Generic marketing campaigns fail to resonate with African consumers, leading to wasted resources and missed opportunities. At CHARLESON®, we bridge this gap. As a passionate team of African storytellers, we possess a deep understanding of the continent’s diverse cultures, languages, and consumer preferences. We leverage our expertise across Print Advertising, Experiential Marketing, Events Management, Digital Marketing, and Media Relations to craft campaigns that resonate on a deeper emotional level, helping your brand thrive in the dynamic African market.

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What We Do

Experiential Marketing

Interactive pop-up experiences and brand activations.

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Print Advertising & Branding

In-house production for promotional items, banners & displays.

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PR & Events Management

Corporate conferences, product launches, galas, parties & themed events.

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Media Strategy, Production & Buying

We purchase media slots in TV, radio & print.

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Brand & Communication Strategy

Your Brand. Your Story. Our Strategy.

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Digital Marketing

From search results, programmatic ads to social media.

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Website Design & Development

Websites that work as hard as you do.

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Brand Identity & Packaging

We go beyond surface-level design.

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Our African Footprint

We have supported top brands connect with their target customers across Africa.


TV, Radio, OOH, Print Advertising, Events, Experiential, Digital Marketing


Print Advertising, Events, Experiential, Digital Marketing


Print Advertising, Events, Experiential, Digital Marketing


Print Advertising, Events, Experiential


Print Advertising, Events, Experiential, Digital Marketing


Print Advertising, Events, Experiential, Digital Marketing


Print Advertising, Events, Experiential

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CHARLESON® helps your brand thrive in the dynamic African market.

Let’s Clear the Air…

Your FAQs, Exposed.

Why Africa's top marketing agency?

We get it. Bold claims deserve a closer look. Here at CHARLESON, we’re not about shouting from the rooftops about being “number one” (market share doesn’t tell the whole story, anyway). We’re about results, and that means crafting stories that resonate deeply with African consumers.

Think of us as the underdog with a winning game plan. We’re hungry, agile, and constantly pushing boundaries. When you partner with Charleson, you’re not just a client – you’re joining the ride to the top. This means a team that’s fiercely dedicated to your brand, working tirelessly to make your story a runaway success.

Ready to ditch the popcorn and get in the game?

What sets CHARLESON® apart from other marketing agencies in Kenya and Africa?

Kenya has a population of 44 million people, and it’s one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa. The country’s GDP is growing at about 5% per year, which is faster than most other countries in sub-Saharan Africa. This growth has led to increased demand for consumer goods and services, which has created opportunities for brands to grow their businesses and reach customers across Africa. CHARLESON® understands the Kenyan market and is uniquely qualified to help international brands wishing to launch in Kenya connect with the local consumers.

How does CHARLESON® approach advertising campaigns?

In Africa, the number of people with access to the internet is growing at an unprecedented rate.

According to World Bank data, the number of people who have access to the internet in Africa grew from 39% in 2016 to 40% in 2017—and it’s expected to reach 52% by 2022. This means that there are more than 500 million more Africans who have access to the internet today than there were five years ago.

Does Charleson offer services for businesses outside of Kenya/Africa?

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform in Kenya; it accounts for nearly 60% of all time spent online across all platforms (with YouTube coming in second at about 17%). However, Twitter and Instagram are also very popular—Twitter accounts for roughly 15% of all time spent online, while Instagram accounts for just under 10%.

I need a marketing agency in Kenya. Can CHARLESON® help?

Digital marketing is the art of using online methods to create, deliver, and measure results. Digital marketing can be broken down into several different categories: search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, branding and design, content creation, and advertising.

Digital marketing agencies like CHARLESON® helps companies connect with their target audiences on various online platforms through storytelling and creative campaign execution.

How can a creative agency in Africa help grow my business?

Social media marketing uses social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to create a brand’s presence and connect with customers. It involves posting regular updates about the company’s products and services on the platforms in an effort to gain exposure for those products or services. Social media marketing agencies like CHARLESON® also try to engage customers through chat rooms, forums, and other interactive features on these platforms. This engagement helps build trust with consumers who might not otherwise have considered purchasing from them due to their lack of experience with the company’s products or services.

What kind of results can I expect from an advertising agency in Kenya?

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves optimizing a website so that it appears higher up in search results when people are searching for information about your product or service on the Internet. Google is the most famous search engine in the world, but there are many others as well: Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo!, AOL… you get the picture! By optimizing your website, SEO agencies like CHARLESON® are able to help you ranking on the first page and acquire new quality leads for your business.

Which is the best Experiential Marketing Agency in Kenya?

There is a number of good experiential marketing agency in Kenya but CHARLESON® tops them all. We go beyond standard marketing by understanding Kenyan audiences and crafting culturally relevant experiences. We combine global best practices with local knowledge for innovative campaigns. Our award-winning team creates unforgettable moments and delivers everything you need, from strategy to execution. With a proven track record of success, CHARLESON® is your one-stop shop for impactful experiential marketing in Kenya.

How will a marketing agency help my brand through experiential marketing?

CHARLESON®’s experiential marketing strategies are designed to make your brand unforgettable. We craft interactive experiences that forge emotional connections with your target audience, boosting brand awareness and driving active participation. This unique approach allows you to stand out from the crowd and build lasting brand loyalty.

What 360 marketing services does CHARLESON® offer?

CHARLESON® offers comprehensive marketing services to companies across diverse industries: Experiential Marketing, Print Advertising, Events Management, Media Buying, Digital Marketing and Website Design and Development.

I am looking for Africa’s best marketer. Can CHARLESON® help?

Absolutely! Work with the Top Marketing Agency in Africa

We are the No. 1 marketer in Africa with a portfolio that boasts international brands across diverse industries. Join the pack of the most recognized brands in Africa.

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