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If you are here you know the market value of millennials and Generation Z. These groups of people are potential buyers of almost every service and product. They have embraced buying stuff online and value products based on their brand appearance online. Millennials have a huge appetite to spend their time online. Notably, as the leading marketing agency in Nairobi, we know executing a sound millennial marketing strategy that will benefit your brand. Here are millennial marketing strategies that will help you sell

1. Create Authentic & Controversial Content

Notably, this group of people has seen it all, you need to be exclusive and creative with the content you come up with. Well, you probably need a creative agency to help you come up with content. Foremost, you need to understand your target audience and come up with transparent, honest, and crucial representations of your products in marketing. You can also come up with controversial content, for instance, a man braiding hair to get traction. 

2. Utilize Social Media Marketing

Everyone is on social media and every company is trying to be part of the social buzz. Remarkably, companies are building genuine relationships with prospective customers by deploying social media branding. Your social media handles have to be empathetic, responsive, and/ or humorous.  

3. Connect and Engage with them Organically

Millennials are discerning customers and get intrigued by anything that seems remotely fake or staged. You need to come up with video content that is appealing and amusing to their eyes. You can easily reach out to millennials via youtube, TikTok, blogs, and much more. It is good to reach out to millennials on these platforms. You can create conversations that can turn into conversions. Revlon creates genuine value in the form of its online content.

4. Push Convenience

This group of people invests a lot of time online. It is crucial to create a purchase system that suits these platforms. Also ensure on your eCommerce platforms, that you simplify product selection, speed up checkouts, target users with age-appropriate and interest-appropriate ads, and more. Adding a WhatsApp marketing service is an excellent opportunity for eCommerce companies to increase conversion rates and drive more sales.

5. Partnerships

If you are introducing a new product or your product is unfamiliar to the millennials, you can collaborate with creators of brands that relate well with them. Millennials often interact with brands that they trust. Hence, if you can collaborate with a trusted brand, you will be good to go. 

Conclusion ‍

If you want to make sales to the millennials or Gen Z you need to upgrade your content. Observe the above millennial marketing strategies to help you sell. You should also work closely with a creative agency to help you come up with catchy interactive content. 

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