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Media buying or rather media buying technology is an automated system that allows media buyers to purchase and manage digital ad campaigns. Simply put, media buying consists of purchasing placements for your advertisements. These placements can be on TV, radio, social media, websites, billboards, Google or anywhere else that advertisements are displayed. 

With media buying, it’s vital to think about the timing of the ad placement. For example, if it’s on Youtube: when, how often, and for how long will the ad run before it can be skipped, what type of metrics you’ll acquire after the ads run, and whether the cost is in line with your media strategy. The same goes for all other platforms.

Why invest in media buying?

1. Reach target audiences at the right time and place

invest in media buying

With media buying, you can reach your target audience at the perfect time. You could decide to place your ad/ads when your potential clients are browsing the internet and are in the mood to make purchases or when they are making search inquiries about products or services in your line of work. The timing and placement are vital and should be considered when trying to effectively reach your target audience.

2. Media buying is affordable and effective

media buying

Regardless of your budget, media buying can be effective if strategized correctly. Many people often think that it is too costly but it’s not. To be candid, the media buying campaign will be just as successful. You can reach a large number of your target audience at an affordable price which is a great advantage for you!

3. Companies stand out against competitors

stand out

When it comes to media buying, you can place ads about your company, products, and services on websites where competitor ads are located. Placing ads next to competitor ones will leave your brand imprinted on the minds of internet browsers and if the ads are running consistently your brand’s name will become common.  What’s more, this increases the chances of people purchasing your products/services.

4. Higher ROI

higher roi

Media buying involves more than just exchanging money for advertising space. The relationships with most advertisement houses improve when you maintain connections with them for outlets. This in turn makes it easier for you to reach out to these companies in the future for ad placements at an affordable price. Ultimately, the ROI is bound to rise with time.

5. Best slots are assured

media buying

Media buyers comprehend how to achieve the highest level of engagement and media buying guarantees that the ad receives the exact engagement and conversion that the company desires. 


Running successful marketing, branding, or advertising is all about keeping your brand in front of your target audience at the right time. Media buying elevates the whole process by obtaining maximum exposure affordably and effectively.

We hope that this counsel influences you to invest in media buying so as to take your organization to greater heights! 

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