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B2B refers to business to business. Constant lead generation is crucial for your business. Without new sales leads, your ability to close sales will soon become limited and this could place your entire business at risk. 

The key, however, is to select the strategies best suited to your business then refine and test them over a meaningful period of time to see what return on investment you can achieve. Be careful not to expect immediate results, some of these strategies take 3-6 months before they really start to deliver new leads. 

As the leading marketing agency in Kenya and being in the industry, we have 10 B2B lead generation tactics you should employ. 

1. Identify which channels your buyer personas are using

It’s extremely important to identify the social media channels that your buyers are using. What’s the point of being extremely active on Youtube if your target buyer is mainly on LinkedIn and vice versa. You must be able to understand your buyer. This way you can target them in the right place. 

Charleson Tips on Identifying your buyer persona

  • Name. It’s important to give your buyer persona a name to humanize your marketing strategies
  • Job Title/Career
  • Demographics
  • Priorities, Goals, Values
  • Marketing Message & Elevator Pitch

2. Be consistent

Being consistent when it comes to lead generation and nurturing is one of the most important strategies. Once you’re consistent with your content, you are sure to keep your audience hooked on your brand and your message. This will in turn lead to conversions, as you’re providing regular, quality content which keeps the customer informed and entertained. Think about it, it’s hard to be forgotten when you’re constantly popping up on your customer’s social media feeds.

Charleson Tips on consistency;

  • Determine how often you want to post on social media
  • Use a content calendar
  • Schedule your posts in advance
  • Decide on what you are going to be posting

3. Use call to action words in your messaging

Entice your audience by having them take action on the content you post. This will enable you to create more leads and keep your audience interested in your brand. 

  • Use a strong command verb to start your CTA. It’s all about being clear and concise with your CTA
  • Use words that provoke emotion or enthusiasm
  • Give your audience a reason why they should take the desired action
  • Take Advantage of FOMO
  • Know your devices
  • Don’t be afraid to get a little creative
  • Use numbers when possible

4. Treat each social platform differently

Different social media channels have different tones of voice, content, audience expectations etc. It would not be wise to post the same kind of content across different social media channels. Audiences have different expectations on different channels. For example, a user on LinkedIn would be looking for professional content while a user on Tiktok is looking for fun and entertaining content.

Charleson’s Tip; Understand your persona’s needs and then curate your content to fit their needs based on the social media channel.

5. Build engagement with content 

You need to post quality and relevant content on your social media for you to generate leads. Here are a few of the things you could do;

  • Be original
  • Produce actionable content
  • Publish accurate information
  • Tell a story
  • Make your audience think
  • Use visuals
  • Master your headlines
  • Hook readers with your intro

6. Customer Referrals / Social Proof

This in itself is a form of advertising strategy that’s especially effective in building trust with new customers of all ages, it is important because it gives another angle on your products outside of just your word you now have people that have bought or experienced your services telling people why you are the best. 

According to statistics customers who are referred to your brand are 5 times more likely to use your referral program than customers who weren’t. 

Charleson’s the leading marketing agency tip build your referral network by looking for win-win situations. You should look for ways that you too can help the other person as this will catalyze their commitment to referring you to others in their network. Find something that they would, in turn, get from this for instance you giving them a shout out and increasing their exposure within your circle or maybe having a loyalty program in place. Be as good a giver as you are a receiver and you will see your leads grow. 

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7. Adopt Cross Selling And Upselling Tactics

Cross-selling refers to targeting existing customers to sell them an additional product or service. Upselling on the other hand refers to providing customers with a more expensive or upgraded version of existing products. This strategy is important in B2B in that; 

  • Balances growth between new and already existing customers
  • It helps improve your business’s Return On Investment (ROI) 
  • Builds a long term value relationship 
  • Broadens the options customers have on services or products
  • Gives you a fresh way to sell old stock and in turn, increase your revenue and conversion rate
  • 8. Go after your competitors, unhappy customers and keywords

This can be achieved through two major ways: For starters, go after your competitor’s unhappy customers, second, you can borrow a page from your competitors when it comes to running campaigns by doing research on which keywords they optimize and in turn use these to drive more sales-ready traffic to your site. 

Charleson Tip; use tools such as SEMrush to find popular keywords in your niche.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

9. Generate Backlinks From Interesting Infographics

We’ve talked about backlinks before but today we are focusing on one particular backlink source that works when it comes to leads, Infographics. They can be demanding in terms of the workload that goes into the research but when it comes to designing catchy ones tools like Canva have made it so easy that you can do it yourself without having to bring a designer on board. 

Our Charleson Group Tip, however, would be to create infographics for heavy-hitting content specifically more so numbers related to popular searches people are likely to be making, this is because a big part of B2B buyers invest in research before making a deal or purchase and you want to establish yourself as the go-to for such information. These will be shared across your niche and generate traffic as well as leads in the long run.

10. Optimize Your Web Landing Pages

A landing page is a web page on your website that visitors land on first when they click on your site. 

The best way to make your landing pages effective in leads generation is through a call to action. For example, if you subscribe to the Charleson newsletter you will receive all our insider educational blogs and news straight to your inbox.

11. Become A Thought Leader in You Niche

We can think of a number of strategies you can adopt;

  • Hosting webinars
  • Write an eBook 
  • Interview decision-makers in your niche
  • Guest blogging on other websites
  • Speaking at and attending events in your niche
  • Setting up groups in your niche on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

12. Adopt Visual B2B Generation

If you aren’t using videos in your lead generation campaigns, you are missing out. Here are a few reasons why you should be:

  • Videos can reach a lead generation  percentage of up to 66% 
  • Mobile video consumption rises by 100 % every year (Invisia) 
  • 72 % of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video (Hubspot)
  • Video is the perfect way to repurpose B2B content. What this simply means is you don’t have to rack your brain for a separate video content ideas calendar, you can simply turn some of your existing content eg blog posts into short engaging videos. 

Video marketing can take many forms like;

  • Explainers/tutorials 
  • Live streams eg on Facebook, Instagram
  • Customer testimonials 
  • Ads
Keywords Research banner. Laptop with a folder of documents and graphs and key. Vector flat illustratio

13. Website and Keyword SEO

Working towards getting your website at the top of the Google search engine is one of the most effective strategies in building your B2B sales. This is because it helps drive traffic to your website and increases your inbound sales leads. How do you get your Website to rank high? Well, we have already covered most of the tips including content marketing, quality backlinks, and content. Not forgetting all of the juicy points we have shared throughout this article.  You can also contact, the leading marketing agency in Kenya to get more tips.

Let us know which of these tips you will be adopting as well as sharing some of the tactics that have worked for you when it comes to your business-to-business sales leads.  Also, let us help you with digital marketing, let us make your brand visible. 

Talk soon!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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