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Videos are the most effective form of marketing your products or services. Every month, there are over 2 billion active users on YouTube who watch a billion hours of video and generate billions of views. Advertising on YouTube makes sense, right? It is the second-most visited website on the planet, with daily video content viewing exceeding a billion hours!

You should compare the cost of YouTube advertising to that of Facebook or Google ads as you decide which platforms to advertise on. You can advertise your video material on YouTube or in search results using Google Ads, which will increase the number of users who see it. Your video may play here before someone else’s video loads. You can also contact a media buying agency which is also a creative agency to run your youtube ad.

How YouTube Ads work

Advertisements can now be directed at people who have recently looked for a certain good or service. A viewer may be more inclined to watch a complete video ad or click through to the website if the ad’s topic is closely relevant to a search they have been conducting. You can target individuals on YouTube who are already interested in your offering with your advertisement. YouTube makes it simple for you to reach your target audience and guarantees a better likelihood that a person who views your ad will click on it by depending on viewers’ Google search histories.

Why use Youtube Ads?

  • Reach out to a large potential audience: You can reach potential customers by using the ads that play during or adjacent to YouTube videos.
  • Target the right people: Marketers can now target ads at people who recently searched for a certain product or service. If the content of a video ad is closely related to a search the viewer has been researching, they might be more likely to watch the entire ad or click through the ad on the website. 
  • You can target your audience by using keywords: Utilize subjects, phrases, or demographics like “women under 35” to find your target audience on YouTube.
  • Make a campaign in a matter of minutes: Set up a campaign in Google Ads, create your account, and connect with your target market.
  • You can measure your success: To keep track of views, expenses, and budget information, check your Google Ads account. To find out more information about your visitors, go to the “Analytics” page on your YouTube account. For instance, you can observe which videos and how long your clients view them.

What is the TrueView ad format for YouTube?

On YouTube, this is the primary advertisement format. TrueView advertising, as the name suggests, provides viewers the freedom of choice; they can decide whether to view or skip, but they will never be compelled to do so. According to YouTube, a TrueView video ad can run for a maximum of 6 minutes and a minimum of 12 seconds.

The most common and likely most economical way to promote on YouTube is using one of these ads. Eight out of ten viewers, according to Google, prefer TrueView advertisements to alternative in-stream video ad formats.

Types of YouTube Video Ads

It is crucial to comprehend the different types of ads, so that from the beginning you know which one to go with.

  • Skippable in-stream ads: Ads that can be skipped in-stream can be skipped after five seconds if they are playing before, during, or after other videos.
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads: Play before, during, or after other videos; they are 15 seconds or less in length and cannot be skipped.
  • Bumper ads: A bumper ad is a non-skippable, six-second or less commercial that plays before, during, or after another video.
  • Outstream ads: Outstream advertising is mobile-only advertisements that only show up on Google video partner websites, not YouTube.
  • Masthead advertisements: Display in the main YouTube feed.
  • In-feed ads: Formerly known as Video discovery commercials, these aren’t video advertisements at all (not to be confused with Discovery campaigns). Here’s how to get YouTube to recommend your video:
  • Overlay ads: These text- and image-based display advertisements show over YouTube videos on a desktop instead of as separate videos.

 Making Your YouTube Campaigns More Effective

The degree of return you may expect from your YouTube advertising cost should ultimately be your main issue, not how much your YouTube Ads cost. This means that to maximize the effectiveness of your initiatives, you must continuously monitor them and make necessary adjustments.


Making the most of your marketing budget by allocating a portion of it to YouTube advertising expenses is a great approach to promote your business even more.

Ads on YouTube typically produce better results at a lower cost than other strategies. YouTube advertising comes in seven primary categories and is often paid per view or click. Ads on YouTube operate exactly like those on other digital marketing platforms. 

For all your advertising needs, contact us, we are here to help you gain visibility.

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