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LinkedIn is arguably the most critical network for B2B marketers to network and makes new connections with prospects, clients, and business partners. Any well-crafted digital marketing strategy includes great content distribution channels. Your content can be outstanding, but it is only effective if you distribute it on relevant channels to your target audience. Social media allows you to quickly share content from your business with your followers, followers, and millions of other users across the platform. What sets LinkedIn apart from other networks is that it is designed for professionals. The content you share on your company page, and your profile should reflect you and your organization professionally.

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn focuses on promoting B2B products and searching for valuable contacts. Some of the advantages of this platform for digital marketing include;

  • LinkedIn is perfect for advertising B2B products

The platform’s advertising capabilities and the available user information allow you to reach the target audience. On LinkedIn, you can contact any person, offering him your services.

  • The platform increases the credibility of your brand

You can attract potential customers, inform employees, find partners, and share your ideas by posting top-notch content.

  • It is an effective SEO and a Google-friendly platform

If the profile or business page is filled in correctly, the search engine will display them on the first page. Google makes content on LinkedIn a priority.

How Do You Effectively Advertise on LinkedIn?

If your business page is fully set up, it is time to start following digital marketing LinkedIn tips to grow your business. This is what you can do to market your business on LinkedIn;

1. Share Insightful Content

By regularly posting on LinkedIn, you can keep your page active, present your business as an industry figurehead, engage with subscribers, and drive traffic to your website. By sharing high-quality content useful to your professional network, you demonstrate your value and credibility in the industry. Increased visibility in social networks helps generate leads, improves sales, and even allows you to get job offers or contracts. Additionally, you can share news, updates, or upcoming company events on your LinkedIn business page.

2. Share Your Profile To Grow The Network

Growing your network of contacts on LinkedIn is an essential marketing step. You need to search for your target audience and not wait until it finds you. If you have had a productive meeting with interesting people, immediately add them to LinkedIn. If you met at a forum, or if the person was just one of the conference call participants, ask him to make contact with you. 

When there is a sufficient number of investors, potential business partners, and buyers among your contacts, just being among them is not enough. Show your interest! Like their posts, and comment on their statuses. Be smarter, stand out, and personalize your comments without using cliches. 

3. Create A LinkedIn Page

Pages are free for all users and are a platform for you to post insightful and actionable content. A LinkedIn page can provide opportunities for prospects to learn more about your company and your employees. Moreover, for effective digital marketing on LinkedIn,  your content, colors, and imagery should be consistent with your other social networks and website. You should upload a cover image that resonates with your brand and a high-resolution logo for your company. 

Additionally, an optimized business page can help your company become more visible among users searching for what you offer. Linking your company page to your website is a great way to help improve your ranking on search engines.

4. Target Your Ads

One of the most significant advantages of advertising on LinkedIn is the ability to target your ads based on first-party, self-reported information. As you choose criteria, the Campaign Manager will show your estimated target audience size in the right sidebar. It’s best to select an audience that is broad enough to generate significant results for the next round of optimization. 

Final Thoughts

From making connections and establishing partnerships to generating leads and boosting your brand awareness, you can do many things with LinkedIn that make it an invaluable addition to your digital marketing strategy. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn is a professional platform designed to help you establish and reinforce business relationships.

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