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Forget sprinting through a crowded Nairobi marketplace shouting your brand’s name. Today’s Kenyan business landscape demands precision targeting and laser-focused messaging. But where do you start? That’s where the online advertising in Kenya comes in.

Think Google Ads, the digital megaphone with the power to make your brand echo across millions of screens. Imagine Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) bustling virtual bazaars where millions of your ideal customers congregate.

This isn’t old rusty almost-collapsing billboard advertising. These are data-driven insights, where every click and scroll tells a story, and every pixel is a portal to your target audience’s hearts (and wallets).

In this guide we will delve into the different types of online ads in Kenya, focusing on Google Ads and popular social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Google Ads in Kenya

Types of Google Ads

1. Search Ads

Google Search Ads are the text-based advertisements that appear on the search engine results page when users enter relevant queries. These ads are a fundamental part of Google Ads and play a crucial role in promoting businesses’ visibility.

Google Search Ads in online advertising - CHARLESON®

2. Video Ads

Video Ads on Google provide an engaging way to showcase products or services. With the popularity of video content, businesses in Kenya can leverage this format to tell compelling stories and connect with their audience visually.

3. Display Ads

Display Ads are visual banners that appear on websites within Google’s Display Network. This form of advertising is excellent for building brand awareness and reaching potential customers across various online platforms.

Display Ads in online advertising - CHARLESON®

4. Google Performance Max

Google Performance Max is an advanced campaign type that allows advertisers to automate and optimize their campaigns across multiple Google properties, maximizing performance across various ad formats.

Google Performance Max online advertising - CHARLESON®

5. Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads automatically generate ad headlines and landing pages based on the content of the advertiser’s website. This dynamic approach ensures that the ads are highly relevant to users’ search queries.

6. Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a powerful feature for eCommerce businesses. It allows businesses to showcase their products directly within the search results, including an image, price, and business name.

Google Shopping online advertising - CHARLESON®

7. Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads, a subset of Google Shopping, specifically focuses on showcasing products and prices to users searching for items online. This format enhances the shopping experience and helps businesses drive sales.

Shopping Ads online advertising - CHARLESON®

8. Similar Audience Campaigns

Similar Audience Campaigns target users who share characteristics with an existing customer base. This strategy helps businesses expand their reach to potential customers who are likely to be interested in their products or services.

How much do Google Ads Charge Per Month in Kenya?

The cost of Google Ads varies based on several factors, including the industry, competition, and the chosen keywords. To provide a clearer understanding, here’s a table illustrating the estimated cost per click and monthly advertising cost of running Google Ads in Kenya:

Ad TypeAverage Cost Per Click – CPC (in KES)Average Monthly Cost (in KES)
Search AdsKSH. 27.5KSH. 500 – KSH. 100,000
Video AdsKSH. 12KSH. 200 – KSH. 180,000
Display AdsKSH. 2.75KSH. 100 – KSH. 100,00
Google Performance MaxKSH. 17.5KSH. 500 – KSH. 300,000
Dynamic Search AdsKSH. 6KSH. 500 – KSH. 100,000
Google ShoppingKSH. 1.75KSH. 100 – KSH. 200,000
Shopping AdsKSH. 6KSH. 104 – KSH. 300,000
Similar Audience CampaignsKSH. 12.5KSH. 200 – KSH. 200,000

Please note that these are approximate figures, and actual costs may vary.

Social Media Advertising in Kenya

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads allow businesses to reach a highly targeted audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. With a large user base, Facebook Ads in Kenya provide a significant platform for brand promotion.

How much do Facebook Ads cost in Kenya?

The average cost per click (CPC) of Facebook Ads in Kenya is between KSH. 5 and KSH. 20 per click. The average cost per impression (CPM) in Kenya per 1000 impressions is between KSH. 200 and KSH. 2500. Factors that could affect CPC and your monthly spend on Facebook Ads include; target audience, ad type, bidding strategy, campaign goals and competition.

There are five main types of Meta (Facebook) Ad Formats

  1. Image – Use images of your brand or product to promote them
Online Advertising  Facebook Ads Photos - CHARLESON®

2. Video – Movement on your ads is a great way of grabbing more attention on your feed

Online Advertising  Facebook Ads Video - CHARLESON®

3. Carousel – Shows up to 10 images on a single ad each with different links

Online Advertising  Facebook Ads Carousel - CHARLESON®

4. Stories – Best for highlighting brands and pops up as a full screen experience after someone taps your ad on their device

Online Advertising  Facebook Ads Stories - CHARLESON®

5. Collection – a format that features multiple products and opens as an instant experience when someone interacts with it

Online Advertising Facebook Ads Collection - CHARLESON®

2. YouTube Ads

As the second-largest search engine globally, YouTube is a powerhouse for video content. YouTube Ads enable businesses to display video content to users, capitalizing on the popularity of the platform.

YouTube Ads online advertising - CHARLESON®

3. Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads help businesses amplify their messages and reach a wider audience. With various targeting options, businesses can tailor their ads to specific demographics, interests, and even events.

Twitter Ads online advertising - CHARLESON®

4. Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads, integrated with Facebook Ads Manager, enable businesses to create visually appealing content. With the younger demographic prevalent on Instagram, businesses can effectively engage with a dynamic audience.

Running an Instagram Ads campaign in Kenya requires you to have great photo and video visuals, a targeted audience, and cultural understanding to suit the context of which you are promoting your brand. Running Instagram Ads in Kenya is one of the easiest ways of promoting you brand, services or products to a young demographic.

Talk to CHARLESON® for online advertising in Kenya

Online advertising in Kenya is a dynamic landscape that offers businesses diverse opportunities to connect with their target audience. By understanding the different types of online ads, whether through Google Ads or social media platforms, you can craft strategic campaigns for your business to enhance its online presence and drive meaningful results.

Creating online ads needs preparation, accuracy, budgeting, and a great understanding of your target audience. If not done right, thousands of shillings could go done the drain with no return on your advertising investment. Ditch the guesswork and dominate Kenya’s digital landscape with CHARLESON® – a premier online advertising agency.

We blend data-driven strategies with a Kenyan savvy human touch to showcase your brand online. Stop struggling, start soaring – unlock explosive growth with CHARLESON® by your side. Contact us today and unleash the power of online advertising in Kenya!


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