Curaprox is the product brand of Curaden which provides premium Swiss oral care products.

As the top 360 marketing agency in Africa, we had the opportunity to work with Curaprox on an event to launch their products in Kenya. We brought together top dental companies in Kenya to educate them on the benefits of Curaprox oral hygiene.

Goal of Event

Launch in Africa.


We organized 5 events in 5 different locations. Three of these events were product demonstrations, one was an educational seminar for dental professionals and the other saw the launch of a dental education program created by Curaprox.




  • 35% increase in sales of Curaprox products in the African market.
  • Curaprox has been perceived as a leader in the dental hygiene industry in Africa, with a 25% increase in positive sentiment about the brand as measured by online reviews and customer feedback.

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