EnableMe strives to transcend barriers. The platform provides a wide-ranging repository of insights and advice on various disabilities and chronic conditions. Additionally, it hosts the country’s most extensive online community for disabilities, facilitating personalized feedback for individuals dealing with specific questions and challenges, while also fostering an environment where users can assist others in finding solutions to their own inquiries and difficulties.

Target Market

The target audience for EnableMe, Kenya, is persons living with disabilities, disability stakeholder organizations, and the friends and family championing their cause. Their mission is to break barriers and foster empowerment for persons with disabilities in Kenya.


  1. Increase EnableMe’s website visibility and traffic by achieving a specified percentage increase in organic traffic through improved search engine rankings for relevant keywords in the disability and health space in Kenya.
  2. Enhance user engagement and accessibility by optimizing the website’s structure and content to elevate user experience, reduce bounce rates, and increase time spent on the site, particularly focusing on accessibility features for individuals with disabilities.
  3. Establish authority and trust by creating and promoting high-quality content, acquiring backlinks from authoritative sources, and actively managing user reviews and feedback to build credibility in the disability support community in Kenya.


  1. Keyword Competition: The disability and health space in Kenya has high competition for specific keywords, making it challenging to achieve quick improvements in search engine rankings. It required a strategic approach to target relevant, less competitive keywords and gradually build authority in the niche.
  2. Ensuring Comprehensive Accessibility: Achieving and maintaining comprehensive website accessibility can be challenging, especially given the diverse needs of individuals with different disabilities. Ensuring compatibility with various assistive technologies and regularly updating features to meet evolving accessibility standards required ongoing effort and resources.

Strategy & Tactics

  1. Strategic Keyword Selection: Conducted thorough keyword research to identify less competitive yet relevant keywords in the disability and health space in Kenya. Implemented a targeted content strategy around these keywords, optimizing website pages and blog posts for improved search engine rankings.
  2. Comprehensive Accessibility Overhaul: Undertook a comprehensive accessibility audit of the website, identifying areas for improvement to cater to a diverse range of disabilities. Implemented necessary changes, including alt text for images, proper heading structures, and compatibility with screen readers, ensuring a more inclusive and user-friendly experience.
  3. Content Quality and Outreach Campaigns: Invested in creating high-quality, informative content addressing specific needs of the disability community in Kenya. Launched outreach campaigns to promote this content and build backlinks from authoritative websites, establishing EnableMe as a reliable source of information and increasing its visibility within the target audience.

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