Upishi Digi Campaign

Client: Envirofit

Campaign: Upishi Digi Roadshow Campaign

The Brief: Promote the use of clean-burning cookstoves and drive sales of Envirofit’s Upishi Digi model.

Target Audience: Households primarily relying on traditional cooking methods

Challenge: Many households lack awareness of the health and environmental hazards associated with traditional cooking practices. Envirofit needed to educate the public about the benefits of Upishi Digi cookstoves in an engaging and impactful way.

Strategy: Implement a mobile roadshow campaign to directly connect with target communities.


  • Mobile Kitchen on Wheels: A customized vehicle transformed into a functional mobile kitchen showcasing Upishi Digi cookstoves.
  • Live Cooking Demonstrations: Envirofit’s team conducted live cooking demonstrations highlighting the Upishi Digi’s advantages:
    • Reduced cooking time
    • Improved fuel efficiency
    • Cleaner burning process compared to traditional methods
  • Health & Environmental Benefits: Informative displays educated the public on the health benefits of reduced indoor air pollution and the environmental advantages of using clean-burning cookstoves.
  • Interactive Activities: Engaging games and activities allowed community members to learn about Upishi Digi in a fun and memorable way.
  • Product Trials & Special Offers: Participants were encouraged to try cooking with Upishi Digi and received discounts or incentives for their participation.

Achievement against Target:

The Upishi Digi Roadshow campaign surpassed expectations, achieving a remarkable sales success. Envirofit managed to sell a staggering 95% of their targeted quota for Upishi Digi cookstoves directly through the roadshow.


  • Increased Awareness & Education: The roadshow effectively reached a large audience, raising awareness of the importance of clean cookstoves and educating communities about the benefits of Upishi Digi.
  • Positive Perception & Behavior Change: Live demonstrations and interactive activities fostered a positive perception of Upishi Digi, encouraging a shift towards cleaner cooking practices.
  • Sales & Community Impact: The campaign directly influenced sales through product trials, special offers, and on-site purchase options. This success translates to a positive impact on both household health and the environment within participating communities.


The Envirofit Upishi Digi Roadshow campaign effectively leveraged experiential marketing to connect with target audiences on a personal level. By providing a mobile, interactive, and educational experience, the campaign not only surpassed sales targets but also addressed a critical public health and environmental concern. The roadshow’s success demonstrates the power of experiential marketing in driving awareness, behavior change, and positive community impact.

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