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As Kenya’s top social media marketing agency, we have adopted learning, unlearning, and educating others to grow their brands. Foremost, as a business, you should comprehend that having a strategy is essential for effective social media marketing.

Your social media platforms will always be a little off if you don’t have a plan, just like most meals will only taste right with salt. It won’t be easy to succeed on social media if you don’t understand the fundamentals: your objectives, your target audience, and their needs.

Creating a marketing strategy is crucial to advance as a marketer or expanding your business.

Here’s one way to do it.

Why does your business want to be on social media?

The very first question to answer is the Why. Are you on social media to promote your products? To drive traffic to your website? Or to serve your customers? These are the social media goals that you can have;

– Increase brand awareness

– Boost brand engagement

 – Drive traffic to your website

– Generate new leads

– Build a community around your business

– Grow revenue (by increasing signups or sales)

– Provide social customer service

– Increase mentions in the press

– Listen to conversations about your brand

It’s acceptable to have multiple social media objectives.

Unless you have a team where several individuals or groups can take on different goals, concentrating on a small number of goals is generally a good idea.

Who is your target audience?

Your target audience is the next thing to think about once you have determined your Why. The following inquiries on what, where, and when you will share will be easier to respond to if you are aware of your target audience.

For instance, a travel and lifestyle company like Bonfire Adventures could offer articles about new locations and travel advice on its social media sites if it understands that its target audience enjoys doing so.

Building marketing personas can be done in a variety of ways. The 5Ws and 1H are again my preferred method.

  • Who are they? (For example, position, age, gender, pay, location, etc.)
  • What can you offer that they might be interested in? (For instance, entertainment, learning materials, case studies, details on novel products, etc.)
  • What websites do they frequently visit? (TikTok, Instagram, etc., or other specialized sites)
  • What time do they search for the kind of material you can offer? (For instance, during weekends, on their commute each day, etc.)
  • What drives their content consumption? (For instance, to improve their jobs, get healthier, stay current on issues, etc.)
  • How do they take in the information? (For instance, browse social media, watch videos, etc.)

Building marketing personas can be done in a variety of ways.

There’s no need to start from scratch. If your company has been operating for some time, you most likely already understand your target market.

What are you going to share?

You might consider the things to share when you see this question. Do you wish to exchange photographs or videos, for instance?

However, wait for a second! Let’s take a step back and consider your social media marketing plan more broadly since we’re talking about it here. “Theme” might be better than “content categories to share.”

This is where having a solid grasp of your target market will be beneficial. Take a look at your marketing personas and think about these issues:

What are their objectives and difficulties?

How can you assist in their solution?

The target market for a fitness apparel and accessories brand may want to stay current with the newest workout equipment. Then, it can post information about the most recent products on its social media pages. 

Where are you going to share?

Choosing where to share your content is the next step. In other words, which social media channels does your company wish to be present on?

Before we continue, remember that only some social media sites are necessary for your brand to be present.

Making decisions about what to share will be easier if you know your target audience. On which social media sites is your target demographic most active? Why do they go to that platform? Teenagers and young adults, for instance, could like scrolling through TikTok when they’re bored to check what their pals are up to or what goods their favorite creators are utilizing.

Are you talented in writing, videography, or photography? Specific content types work best on particular platforms. For instance, photographs on Instagram, long-form videos on YouTube, and short-form videos on TikTok are all excellent. This is a minor issue, though, as social media sites can offer nearly any material. Finally, take into account more specific specialist platforms.

When are you going to share?

Deciding the best time to release your material is the final crucial component of your approach. You could be enticed to start looking into the ideal time(s) to post.

Pause and Breathe 

Take a step back and examine this situation more from a higher perspective. Consider your target audience’s behaviors before choosing precisely what time of day and which days of the week you want to post.

Wrap Up

Having a strategy is the most crucial step for every social media manager; however, to sell, you need a creative agency to help you develop the concepts. Charleson is a social media agency and a creative agency in Kenya. We shall help you create a suitable theme for your social media pages and do the targeting for you. Check out our other services and give us a call. Let us help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best social media marketing agency in Kenya?

We have many social media agencies in Kenya, and you can easily be a victim of investing in the wrong one. The best social media marketing agency is Charleson; with seven years of experience, Charleson knows what strategy best meets your needs. Their content is unique and very interactive. If you are looking for a social media agency, Charleson will help you benefit from your investment. It also offers 360 marketing services; hence, you can acquire other marketing-related services from them.

How much do social media agencies charge in Kenya?

The pricing of social media agencies differs depending on the package you want. Before asking for a quote, let’s set precise requirements: four graphics a week, 1 Facebook and Instagram ad per week, increased interactivity, or 100 new followers a week. You should know what you expect to get before approaching a company. The pricing you receive should clearly state what you get. Most agencies charge between 50,000 and 100,000 to manage your social media platforms. Get a quote from us today.

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