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Build brand awareness, authority and generate qualified leads.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and others are powerful tools to build brand awareness, build a positive brand image, and drive lead generation. CHARLESON® is Africa’s top social media marketing agency. We help your brand build brand awareness, authority, engagement and customer trust by implementing effective social media marketing strategies.

As part of our strategy, we take time to first understand every brand’s unique objectives and goals, then establish which social media strategies are best suited to reach the TA [Target Audience]. We do this through consistent quality content disseminated to your potential customers using a targeted approach until we establish your brand as an authority in your niche.

Why is social media marketing so important?

Social media allows your brand to connect and engage with potential customers on LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. It offers a low cost way for businesses to attract customers, get customer feedback and build customer loyalty.

Moreover, we believe each social media platform is an opportunity for exposure, and our social media marketing gurus approach these platforms differently with strategies that influence the purchase habits of your potential customers.


  • Build brand awareness
    Companies may convey their brand story across various social media platforms, explain why they offer the services they do, and share their value proposition to targeted audiences. This leads to increased brand awareness.
  • Generate leads
    When brands disseminate the right message in front of the right audiences, they stand a chance to drive website traffic hence generating qualified leads for their business.
  • Build brand authority & trust
    When brands position themselves as the authority in their niche through strong, educative and quality content, they amass a fan base of loyal followers and brand promoters.

Our Work

We have supported top companies connect with their potential customers across Africa through social media.


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November 10, 2023


January 26, 2023

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