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Keeping up with digital marketing trends can be quite challenging because the industry changes rapidly. In addition to keeping up with trends, other factors come into play when creating a successful digital marketing strategy thus making it even more complicated. The Covid-19 pandemic reshaped the way Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer companies operate. People now opt to get online to research, review and purchase products as opposed to visiting physical stores.

Consequently, this transformation has had a huge impact on the digital marketing industry worldwide.

To help you traverse this new landscape, we have identified key trends in 2022 to help you understand developments coming shortly so you can integrate them into your digital marketing strategies.

1. TikTok

TikTok will continue to grow and brands need to take it seriously. The expeditious rise of TikTok has seen the application reach a billion users and still counting. What’s more, the app boasts extensive engagement and offers brands opportunities for their videos to go viral. When it comes to revenue, TikTok has been the highest-earning app with more than $110 million spent by users. This vividly shows the earning potential for marketers looking to drive sales among young consumers.  

2. Social Commerce

Nowadays, finding a product or service using social media has become effortless. During the Covid-19 pandemic, brands flocked to Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and Facebook to promote their products via online shops. Currently, social commerce/social shopping is expected to reach $1.2 trillion globally by 2025 which is a growth that is three times higher than traditional selling. 

2022 is set to witness social commerce advance greatly as all key platforms work tirelessly to give customers a more seamless experience when selecting and purchasing products/services. 

3. YouTube

YouTube advertising is going to explode in 2022 and here is why;

In 2021, YouTube’s global revenue grew to nearly $29 billion which is 46% higher than in 2020 which is a result of the rise in more traditional TV advertising, direct response ads, and brand advertising. Presently, YouTube’s headroom for growth is enormous and brands all over the world can have a competitive advantage by having an effective advertising strategy for YouTube.

1. The Metaverse

In 2022, the metaverse will become a marketer’s playground and it will be beneficial for digital marketers to jump on this bandwagon. While it has existed for many years, the metaverse came to people’s attention after Facebook changed its parent company name to Meta. 

Put simply, the metaverse is a network of worlds in 3D that people can connect through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. As a digital channel, the metaverse is a new aspect when it comes to marketing. Regardless, a few companies like Roblox have embraced it to raise brand awareness. Roblox hosted “Gucci Garden”, a place where visitors could try on and buy digital Gucci products to dress their avatars.

Digital marketers should tap into the metaverse because according to eMarketer research, there will be 65 million people that use VR and 110 million using AR every month by 2023. 

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will hinder and help data privacy. As it evolves, the ability to gather personal information increases. At the same time, there is an array of opportunities for AI to use that protects people’s privacy. Companies can use artificial intelligence in data privacy initiatives to systematize their data while staying within the bounds of privacy law requirements. 40% of privacy compliance technology will use AI by 2023 while global spending on privacy is expected to reach $* billion by 2022.


2022 is going to be an epic year for most marketers. From tapping into the metaverse to reviewing our YouTube advertising strategy or adopting AI, there are a plethora of trends you can integrate to drive engagement and generally make the most of your activities across all key platforms.

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