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The need for SEO is increasing, everyone wants to rank first in search engines like Google.  Besides, millions of people conduct searches to find information on products and services. The more reason you need to improve your site ranking is to increase its visibility. SEO is the most effective and affordable way to understand and reach your consumers in an impactful way. 

Why is SEO growing in importance?

1. SEO drives traffic to your website


Search engine optimization ensures that your pages are written and optimized to be on the first page of organic search results. According to SEO Statistics;

  • 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine such as Google or Bing
  • 70-80% of users ignore paid search advertising and click on organic search results
  • 30% of clicks on organic search results on Google go to the top three results
  • 72% of all people who performed a local search ended up visiting a store that was within five miles of them.

Onpage, offpage, and technical SEO assist o drive traffic to your site. In addition, the keywords used are crucial. Keywords are what consumers will type to find your company and the products and services that you offer. When you identify the keywords consumers use you can now optimize your site so that consumers can find title tags, page copies, or images related to your company in the search results. You can always trust an SEO specialist to optimize your site.

2. SEO impacts the buying cycle

The buying cycle refers to the stages consumers go through when making a purchase. They have to be aware of the product to consider buying it. Also, they have to make more purchases in the future. Search engine optimization impacts this cycle by making your brand visible. SEO tactics will inform the consumers about the amazing products and services you have to offer which leads them to make a purchase decision.

3. SEO is the best way to know your consumers

Search engine optimization tells us what consumers want and need. This can be achieved in several ways;

  • Analytics data and AI insights
  • SERP Analysis
  • Search query data

Search engines like Google use AI to inform search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engine algorithms use AI to deliver better SERPs results, and SEO uses AI to work effectively with these algorithms.

4. SEO is PR


SEO and PR have a symbiotic relationship. They both work together in a holistic way to achieve the same goal. Search engine optimization puts your brand on the map. It elevates your company’s profile making it visible to all. This is similar to what PR does. Integrating both aspects helps with brand reach and general brand awareness. 

5. SEO is cost-effective

Search engine optimization does not cost anything, unlike most marketing strategies that we know. Search engines constantly crawl your website to help you promote your content which in turn helps you find new customers. All you need to do is create content ad share it on your various online platforms.

6. SEO builds trust and credibility

builds trust

A site that ranks high on search engine results is automatically considered high-quality and credible. Search engine optimization is constantly improving your site to make it rank higher which boosts credibility. 

Search engine optimization has grown exponentially and will continue to grow. When used right, it has the ability to magnify your brand’s presence in an impactful way. For this reason, companies need to bring the SEO aspect on board for a better today and a better tomorrow.

If you think your company needs to introduce SEO into its marketing strategies, contact us today!

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