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As more and more brands search for audiences on the go, SMS marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of effective multichannel marketing. 

Organizations mistakenly believe that mobile marketing requires substantial investment in applications, does not allow for personalized and targeted communication, and lacks robust analytics to support ROI. 

The reality is that accessing mobile communications is much easier than imagined, and accessing mobile consumers (smartphones and non-smartphones) can be as simple as sending personalized and targeted text messages.

In this blog, we shall discuss the benefits of using SMS in your marketing mix, why you should use SMS in hybrid communications, and understand how it is used as part of a multi-channel strategy to interact with customers throughout their entire life cycle. 

So, without further ado, here are the reasons;

1. It is a direct and instant channel 

SMS is one of the most direct channels available; with a 97% reading rate within 15 minutes, you can ensure that your time-critical messages can be read almost immediately. 45% of SMS campaigns produced a successful return on investment, and when combined with other popular channels, the return on investment exceeded 50%. 

 2. You can use shortcodes to simplify responses and build your database 

By adding shortcodes to promotional materials, advertisements, and billboards you can get your customers started. 

This strategy means that customers will quickly become familiar with the brand’s code and keywords and are therefore more likely to engage and respond. 

 3. Can Support and Integrate with Other Channels 

All channels must work well together in the marketing mix, and SMS marketing is no exception. 

SMS can also enhance and support other popular media that interact with consumers, such as social media and email. 

For example, they can be used to remind customers to read emails sent by brands a few hours or even days ago. A simple follow-up text message asking “Did you read our email?” can help increase the email open rate by 20-30%. 

 4. You can learn more about your customers 

SMS is a great channel for customer feedback through surveys. 

Research shows that an average of 31% of consumers respond to surveys via SMS. While the average response time for users is just over 5 minutes. This means you can get excellent results in a short time.

 5. You can increase customer engagement 

View SMS as a way to improve the way your brand interacts with customers throughout the customer lifecycle. Businesses must remember to change the type of content they send out. It’s best to deliver this information by email so that longer and more creative messages are more appropriate. 

Although marketers may find texting intrusive, many consumers are now familiar with texting when using local services.

Brands can use SMS to obtain offers related to direct and early sales, discounts, promotions, and even birthday messages. 

6. Response data allows you to monitor, track and improve 

It is possible to monitor the delivery rate via SMS. By using these analytics, companies can create more specific activities and continue to better understand their mobile databases. 

Not only does this mean they can save money and increase ROI, but by analyzing and segmenting the numbers that are least likely to respond, SMS enables companies to target these customers through email or other channels.

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