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Where bold brands meet creative agency.

Our Mission

To ignite meaningful connections between brands and people, crafting disruptive campaigns that transform Africa’s landscape into powerful canvases for brand stories

Our Vision

We aim to conquer Africa’s landscapes, rewrite creative rules to impact brands, one disruptive campaign at a time.

Our Story

We are on a mission to show our creativity to the world

Believe it or not, our story begins in a top engineering firm 10 years ago in Nairobi, the heart of Kenya. Steve, our founder, realized that the firm was not utilizing social media to connect and engage directly with their target audience, and the marketing team would report weekly on their performance but had no proper way of tracking their reach, impressions, and conversions. This did not sit well with him. He proposed a social media campaign for one of their products as a test which in turn resulted in a 60% revenue growth in 3 months. Before long, he started CHARLESON® in January 2015 to put businesses on the map, build customer loyalty, and proliferate sales through creative marketing strategies.

9 years later, CHARLESON® is Africa’s top 360 creative marketing and communications agency based in Kenya. We are fierce. We are loyal. We have the spirit of a wolf and the soul of a moon.

We are on a mission to show our creativity to the world. We work with challenger brands who are not afraid of communicating differently and challenging the status quo.

Our Team

With people across the continent, CHARLESON® squad is bold, creative and never shy away from any challenges. Here are a few faces from the squad.

Our Values

Our Principles

Our vision is to be the preferred creative agency for out of the box marketing ideas that works with Fortune 500 companies, is listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange and creates job opportunities for deserving young creative minds.

  • We Are Bold & Creative: We are not afraid of challenging the status quo and showing the world who we really are.
  • We Are Stronger Together: The strength of our company lies in our pack. We have strong relationships with our colleagues and clients. This way we are better able to cope with challenges and to achieve our goals.
  • We Are The Real Deal: We are what we say we are, and we do what we say we’ll do.
  • We Work Hard & Play Hard: We create legendary tales of adventure, celebrate excellence, find humor always and relish quirkiness.
  • We Howl to Communicate: We communicate timely, accurately, concisely, and appropriately with customers, staff, and partners.
  • We Are Hungry For Growth: We revile mediocrity. We strive for continuous improvement so we can deliver results that are best in the world.
  • We Are Here For The Long Haul: We are committed to our mission, clients and other stakeholders even when things get tough.

Who We Work With

Funded Startups

Looking for marketing firepower to scale their business.
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Established Brands

That want to take their marketing to the next level.
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Top Brands

Who aspire for optimal efficiency to achieve more with less.
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Impact Brands

That focus on making a meaningful difference in the world.
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