AVPA is a network that spans the African continent, bringing together social investors who aim to work together to increase the flow of funds into social initiatives throughout Africa, with a focus on optimizing the deployment of financial, human, and intellectual resources to achieve the greatest possible positive social outcomes.

Target Market

The target audience for AVPA (African Venture Philanthropy Alliance), is social investors interested in Africa. This includes individuals, organizations, and businesses involved in various forms of social investment, such as philanthropy, impact investing, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and sustainable investments. It encompasses a broad range of stakeholders looking to collaborate and maximize the social impact of their investments across the African continent.


  1. Raise awareness about AVPA and its mission among potential members, donors, partners, and the general public.
  2. Content marketing; produce and share valuable content, such as reports, case studies, and success stories, to showcase the impact of social investments and the work of AVPA.


  1. Building Awareness and Credibility: Establishing a strong brand and reputation in the field of social investment was challenging for AVPA due to competition from well-established organizations and networks.
  2. Engaging a Diverse Audience: AVPA’s target audience includes a wide range of stakeholders, from individual philanthropists to corporate entities and nonprofit organizations. Tailoring marketing messages and strategies to effectively engage and resonate with this diverse audience can be complex.

Strategy & Tactics

  1. To build awareness and credibility, we helped AVPA establish itself as a thought leader by publishing authoritative reports, showcasing impact through compelling stories, and seeking endorsements from influential figures. Our collaborations with well-established organizations and co-branded initiatives further enhanced AVPA’s credibility and expanded its reach.
  2. To engage a diverse audience, we segmented and targeted marketing efforts by tailoring messages, content, and channels to individual philanthropists, corporate CSR departments, impact investors, and nonprofit organizations. We utilized personalization and customization through marketing automation and data analytics to provide a more personalized experience for each segment.

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