JIK Experiential Marketing

JIK is a powerful household cleaning product whitens and brightens laundry, eliminates stains, and kills 99.9% germs and viruses.

Campaign: JIK In-Store Activation

Objective: Increase brand awareness and drive sales of JIK cleaning products through a fun and engaging in-store experience.

Target Audience: Primary Homemakers (18-50 years old)

Strategy: Create an interactive in-store experience that highlights the cleaning power and effectiveness of JIK products in a relatable and memorable way.


  • Partner with major retail stores in Nairobi.
  • Set up interactive stations within the cleaning aisle.
  • Station 1: The “Germ Jungle Gym”: Design a colorful jungle gym structure with hidden compartments containing “germs” (represented by glow-in-the-dark balls). Shoppers can spray JIK disinfectant on the jungle gym to “defeat the germs” and watch the balls disappear (using a hidden mechanism).
  • Station 2: The “Stain Showdown”: Showcase a mock kitchen counter with everyday stains (coffee, ketchup, etc.) applied to different surfaces. Shoppers can participate in a timed challenge, using JIK stain removers to clean the surfaces. Fastest time wins a JIK product prize.
  • Brand Ambassadors: Throughout the activation, enthusiastic brand ambassadors will be present to:
    • Provide product information and answer questions.
    • Offer demonstrations of JIK products.
    • Distribute JIK coupons and samples.


  • Increased brand awareness through eye-catching displays and customer engagement.
  • Generated excitement and positive brand association through interactive experiences.
  • Provided a platform to showcase the effectiveness of JIK products.
  • Drove sales through in-store promotions and product trials.


  • Number of customer interactions at the activation stations.
  • Sales figures for JIK products before, during, and after the activation.
  • Social media engagement (if a campaign hashtag is used).
  • Customer surveys to gauge brand perception and satisfaction with the activation.

The JIK In-Store Activation successfully leveraged experiential marketing to connect with target consumers in a fun and interactive way. By showcasing product benefits through engaging experiences, the campaign increased brand awareness, generated positive sentiment, and ultimately drove sales.

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