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In the bustling landscape of Kenyan business, staying ahead of the marketing curve is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. In this dynamic market, adaptability is key, and as we step into 2024, there are some trends that savvy entrepreneurs simply can’t afford to overlook.

Top Trends to Watch Out for


Kenya’s love affair with mobile devices is undeniable. With the majority of the population accessing the internet through their phones, businesses need to adopt a mobile-first mindset. Explore the dominance of mobile internet usage and delve into strategies such as location-based marketing and mobile-specific content formats to captivate the Kenyan audience.

Here are ways you could leverage for mobile first:

  1. Your website
    Ensure your website is mobile friendly to attract a portion of the 17.86 million internet users in Kenya 60% of whom conduct search on mobile devices.
  2. Short form content
    With 10.55 million social media users in Kenya. Short form (snackable) content on TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn could be a major marketing boost for your business.
  3. Google My Business
    Local search is growing tremendously, setting up a Google My Business (GMB) account allows your business to e visible in local search thus you can get clients within your area. Integration of GMB and Google Maps gives your business free visibility to potential clients en route to nearby businesses or leisure joints.  
Mobile First Marketing Trends in Kenya


The era of one-size-fits-all marketing is long gone. Discover the power of hyper-personalization and how leveraging customer data can transform your marketing efforts. Small businesses and enterprises alike can benefit from actionable tips on creating individualized customer experiences that resonate in the Kenyan market.

To leverage hyper -personalization consider each of your clients needs and address their unique pain points. Even for businesses in the same niche each of your clients has unique needs that you can address through custom made products or services.

E-commerce platforms can analyze consumer data and use that information to suggest products or services to their clients based on interest and previous purchases.

Rise of Influencer Marketing

In Kenya, influencers are not just online celebrities; they’re trusted voices shaping consumer choices. Examine the growing impact of local and niche influencers compared to global figures. Get insights on choosing the right influencers and building effective partnerships that align with your brand values.

Micro influencers or niche influencers are a great way to market your business. They are characterized by a following of a tight community that has interest on a particular subject. What’s more micro influencers are more affordable compared to celebrity influencers and command more engagement from their audiences as well.

Content is (Still) King: Tailor Content for Kenyan Audiences

While the adage remains true, the forms of content that reign supreme in Kenya may differ. Dive into the importance of high-quality content, with a focus on short-form videos and content in local languages. Learn tips for creating culturally relevant content that captures the attention of Kenyan consumers.

There is a wide pallet of content formats that can be used on different platforms for your audience. Choosing a content format and platform should be mainly informed by where you audience is and how they prefer to consume content.

I. Written Works

Blog Posts & Articles: The classic canvas, perfect for in-depth analysis, storytelling, and thought leadership.

E-books & White Papers: Dive deeper with comprehensive guides and reports, showcasing your expertise and attracting qualified leads.

Press Releases & News Articles: Share company updates, milestones, and achievements with the world.

Case Studies & Testimonials: Build trust and credibility by showcasing real-world successes and satisfied customers.

II. Visual Storytelling

Images & Infographics: Capture attention and simplify complex information with striking visuals and data-driven graphics.

Videos & Animations: Engage your audience with dynamic narratives, product demos, and explainer videos.

Memes & GIFs: Inject humor and relatability into your content with these trending formats.

III. Interactive Engagement

Quizzes & Polls: Gauge audience interest, gather valuable data, and make your content more interactive.

Webinars & Live Streams: Create real-time connections with your audience through Q&A sessions and interactive presentations.

Games & Contests: Spark excitement and brand awareness with fun and engaging activities.

IV. Audio Delights

Podcasts & Audiobooks: Tap into the power of audio for on-the-go learning and storytelling.

Interviews & Expert Talks: Offer insightful perspectives and valuable knowledge through conversations with industry leaders.

V. Social Media Gems:

Stories & Reels: Capture fleeting moments and share behind-the-scenes glimpses with ephemeral content.

Posts & Tweets: Spark conversations, share news, and engage with your followers in real-time.

Social Media Challenges & Trends: Join the fun and build community participation with trending hashtags and challenges.

Content is King Marketing Trends in Kenya - CHARLESON®
Social media content doodle vector, marketing concept

Data Privacy Meets Customer Experience

As data privacy regulations like GDPR become increasingly relevant, businesses face challenges and opportunities. Uncover strategies for building trust with customers while ethically leveraging data for personalized experiences. Discover how transparency can be a powerful tool in navigating the delicate balance between data privacy and customer satisfaction.

Emerging Technologies: Shaping the Future of Marketing

Explore the exciting realm of emerging technologies set to define marketing for your business in 2024. From voice search optimization to AI-powered marketing tools, embrace experimentation and innovation.

Chat GPT and Bard AI are at the forefront of revolutionizing how we access and consume information from the internet. You may use these AI platforms to aid in your marketing. Canva and Cap Cut are great tools for content curation and editing all enabled with AI capabilities.

When it comes to leveraging emerging technologies for your marketing needs, be on the lookout for new technologies. However, do not shun traditional software as most of these software is getting integrated with AI capabilities.

In a nutshell

In summary, the marketing landscape in Kenya is evolving, and businesses that embrace these trends stand to thrive in 2024. Implementing mobile-first strategies, harnessing the power of hyper-personalization, and tapping into the influence of local voices are just a few keys to success. As we navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead, remember that CHARLESON® is here to guide you through the ever-changing terrain of marketing.

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