Uber is the leading ride hailing app worldwide.

As the top 360 marketing agency in Africa, we had the opportunity to work with the brand Uber on a campaign to increase brand awareness and loyalty at restaurants and bars in our target market. This campaign also featured a ‘Do Not Drink And Drive Campaign’.

Target Market

Young professionals in Nairobi, Kenya. Research showed that this demographic was the most likely to use Uber for transportation to and from restaurants and bars.


  1. Increase brand awareness and familiarity among our target audience at restaurants and bars.
  2. Encourage more people to try Uber as a transportation option when dining out and partying.
  3. Increase loyalty among existing Uber users by providing them with a seamless and convenient experience when using the app at restaurants and bars.


  1. Finding a way to reach our target audience at restaurants and bars effectively. Many people spend little time looking at their phones while dining and clubbing, so traditional digital marketing tactics like social media ads and email campaigns might have needed to be more effective.

Strategy & Tactics

To overcome this challenge, we developed a multi-faceted strategy that included both digital and physical tactics.

For the digital aspect of our campaign, we created a series of targeted social media ads that were shown to our target audience while they were searching for restaurants or making reservations. We also ran a contest on social media where people could enter to win free rides to and from their favorite restaurants by using the Uber app.

For the physical aspect of our campaign, we worked with select restaurants to provide branded signages, coasters, and napkins that featured the Uber logo and information about the app. We also trained restaurant staff on how to talk about Uber to customers and provided them with promotional materials to give out to diners.


  1. Increased share of voice by 60% according to Melt Water
  2. Increased app usage by 30%