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Video Marketing 

Videos are quickly rising as the new marketing tools in Kenya. They are easy to share and if done rightly engage followers as well as attract new customers. Most people often share videos freely marketing your products or services. If you go for video marketing, you definitely need the right marketing agency, to come up with the concept for production. Video marketing is also becoming popular as it takes over multiple social media platforms. 

What is Video Marketing?

With the high rise of the economy, people are becoming very busy. Hence, preferring to get information in interesting, short digestible formats. To add up, a video marketing strategy is used to market products or services using an educational video, to increase social engagement and digital footprint. Currently, we have many video platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tittok, and Youtube that allow people to also share. 

How to create attractive Videos for Marketing.

Videos should be short and sweet, to keep the viewers engaged and watching. Remember people have a short concentration span, so capture attention within the first 5 seconds and have a 1 to 2 minutes video. Always put the most important content early on the video. 

In case you want a long video let it be for purposes of fully educating the consumers. Videos are more powerful than written content for targeting potential buyers. 

Top 5 Video Marketing Tools

Wave Video

Wave video creates a mix of templates and anyone can easily start a video from scratch. It allows you to use the same footage for different video formats. For instance, you can make a Youtube video and decide to repurpose it for another platform. Wave video supports high-volume video content production, unlike many other platforms. You can also easily upload branding items like logos and images for future use in videos. It allows integrations with YouTube, Google Drive, Hubspot, Facebook, Twitter, DropBox, Twitter, and more. It has additional features like a content calendar, video hosting, a video button, and landing pages. For pricing click here


It is one of the tools that allow you to use actual footage from your camera. It has AL-based editing features that help you from editing to the distribution of the content. You can also add the mood you want to be displayed on the video as the AI assistant assists once you feed in. It has licensed music available to business customers and pros. Business customers also have access to stock images. The tool has inbuilt video analytics, which helps you gauge your video’s performance. Click here to see its pricing. 



It is ideal for people who are starting out and excited to create snippets of videos. It functions like a basic video editor which is easy to use and with great functionality. Videoshop allows brands, companies, and individuals to create a great video marketing strategy. However, it has a price, as for free videos they have a watermark to show where the video was created. Meanwhile, for paid subscriber users the video removes these watermarks.  


It is one of the best and oldest video-making tools. You need a hosting platform to use it. The top-level subscription allows you to stream. Vimeo allows you to create videos that you can host on websites other than youtube only and other social media platforms. It gives you the option of restricting the viewers or allowing everyone. It also has analytic features, where you can monitor your viewers. It is one of the most powerful and reliable video marketing tools. Click here to see its pricing. 


It is only meant for people with Apple devices that can run apps. It is one of the oldest apps built for Apple products. You can edit your video on Mac as well as other devices. You can also upload the video to the cloud and edit it from any device from your Apple account. Also, it is fully featured for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create the best video marketing tool?

1. Foremost, ensure that you have a device that can record high-quality video.

2. Create a content calendar and a schedule that you will follow strictly.

3. Stick to one brand voice as consistency is key to selling.

4. Ensure that every video has a call to action.

5. Always use analytics to measure your success, but ensure to have KPIs.

To sum Up

Video marketing tools are great to advertise your content. You can use it as a way to tell your brand’s story, educational content, advertising your services and products as well as tutorial videos. We are here to help you produce the best videos as well as get them to the right audience.  

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