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You have decided to hire a marketing agency. You have probably opened Google and typed “Best Digital Marketing Agencies”. Then what next? How do you decide? We comprehend that deciding the best digital marketing agency to hire can be difficult. Here is an easy and seamless way to help you vet a potential creative agency to work with.

1. Reviews

What makes a great digital marketing agency? Well, check out the reviews, clients have a habit of dropping reviews both positive and negative based on their experience. It is crucial to check out social proof, including testimonials. They give out a deep insight into what you are walking into. Unfortunately, if you can’t find any they may not have previous clients or they don’t understand the industry well enough. Also, the critics you find tell you the areas the agency struggles with and this will help you understand their work.

2. Transparency

A digital marketing agency should be as clear and concise as possible. Give them a call and ask about their scope, team size, and case studies and the answers you get should be clear. The first initial meeting asks all relevant questions. You should comprehend how the marketing agency onboarding clients, with clear expectations and relevant questions. You should understand how they work as an agency and their culture, and get everything clear before you start working with them. Get clear answers. No one wants to jump into a deal with a bunch of hoops. Pay attention to who gives you the most beneficial information and is upfront. Get every piece of information, set KPIs, and agree on what should appear on your report. A genuine creative marketing agency is ready to put every detail upfront and constantly sends updates.

3. Up to date

Of course, you want a digital marketing agency that is up-to-date. The creative agency should partner with the latest technology or best practice tools in the industry. Ensure to inquire about the tools they use to execute. You need to be sure that the marketing agency can offer value and be transparent and offer value.

4. Similar core values and company culture

You should work with a creative agency that shares the same core values and culture as your own. This will ensure they work well with your team. Remember that a marketing agency is an extension of your company. These are the people creating an online image for your company. Choosing the right digital marketing agency is crucial as considering the quality of work. You don’t want to work with a bunch of people with dissimilar beliefs to yours. Look at the phrases they use to describe their work. Does it align with your core values? Always be careful before choosing a marketing agency in Kenya.


The process of choosing the right digital marketing agency can be tedious but once you identify the right one. You will enjoy your ROI. Utilizing the tips we have given you will help you settle with one. We have successfully worked with many clients, we could potentially help you avoid wasting a lot of time in the search. Working with one of the best digital marketing agencies in the world is so fulfilling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does digital marketing agencies charge in Kenya?

Digital marketing agencies charge based on a package. Hence, the prices vary. The best you can do is describe all the services you want then you can get a package close enough to what you want. Most agencies charge $1000 dollars based on the package.

Which company is best for digital marketing in Africa?

Well, we have given you tips on how to identify the best digital marketing agency. Now, all you have to do is start your research. But we have made it easier for you, just reach out.

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