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With content marketing emerging as one of the most important marketing skills to have on your resume, mastering the art of writing could be extremely beneficial to your career, as well as the obvious benefit of increasing traffic to your company’s website, continue reading to find out how to improve your writing.

Many people get intimidated by writing, especially those who do not write for a living or regularly. The good news is that writing does not have to be painful, and almost anyone with a little discipline and a willingness to learn can improve their writing skills. Do you want to improve your writing skills? Here are 12 things you can do right now to improve your writing skills. Let’s get started!

1. Write Everyday

One of the best writing tips is to write every day. You need to practice writing to become a better writer. As a new writer or freelancer, it’s probably best to kill two birds with one stone by writing in your niche every day.

This can assist you in developing your writer portfolio and improving your overall writing ability.

Writing social media posts is another way to incorporate writing into your daily routine. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, start posting once a day and write two or three sentences about what you’re promoting or doing.

This can assist you with copywriting techniques and condensing your words for social media posts.

2. Be Clear and Concise in Your Writing

Clients want smart writing that is engaging and perfectly captures their message.

As a writing tip, you should learn how to easily convey that message from your client in your writing. This entails not being overly verbose when describing things.

3. Avoid Filler Words

Filler words e.g. that, very, just, really, and so on are just that…filler.

There is no need to include those extra words in your sentences unless they serve a purpose.

There is a delicate balance between using enough words to convey your message and using too many words. This will take time to develop and will assist you in improving your writing skills as a new writer.

4. Stick to Short Paragraphs and Sentences

As you can see from this blog post, it’s best to stick to one-sentence paragraphs.

This makes reading content easier for you. Write shorter paragraphs and sentences if you want to become a freelance writer and write online.

Because online users have short attention spans, make your writing easy to read!

5. Choose Simple Words

You may believe that using complex words makes you sound smarter, but this is not the case.

In the online world, your writing should be at the 4th-8th grade reading level.

That’s correct!

There’s no need to treat a blog post like a thesis paper, it’s highly unlikely that this will help you gain blog traffic or clients.

What’s better is to avoid using big words and instead use simple, yet effective words when writing. It’s almost as if you’re talking while writing – just without the slang and ums.

6. Read What You Want To Write About

As many of you are aware, reading can also help you improve your writing skills. The same is true for freelance writers. If you read about what you want to write about – your writing niche – you will become a better writer in general.


You will gain a better understanding of your niche, hear from other bloggers, writers, and marketers about their opinions on your niche, and also read about how these writers use their words and construct sentences for an online audience. 

All of this can help you improve your writing abilities.

7. Create an Outline

Outlining everything you write is one of the best ways to improve your writing skills.

This is especially true if you are hired as a freelance writer.

Clients expect a coherent and complete post, so creating an outline can help ensure that you include everything your client desires.

8. Always use Active Voice

Make use of the active voice and stick to the subject-verb-object sentence structure. It’s the quickest way to get your point across. The subject is doing something in the active voice, which is more exciting than the passive voice, in which something is being done to the subject.

Although the passive voice is grammatically correct, it results in long, complex sentences and is a weaker way of presenting information.

9. Review and edit your work

Before you hand your story over to a professional editor, you should proofread your first draft. To improve your style, tighten your writing, double-check your word choice and sentence structure, and hone your voice.

10. Use a Conversational Tone

Your writing style is based on your own distinct voice. Communicate in a setting that is familiar to you. In other words, write as if you were conversing. 

Shape ideas with your unique thoughts and voice, and try to avoid clichés. Your writing style should be an extension of your personality.

11. Do Your Research

Apart from plagiarizing someone else’s work, nothing will erode your credibility faster than failing to complete your homework.

Many writers try to cut corners with the facts in their haste to finish a blog post (or even a major newspaper article). This can range from inadvertently inflating a statistic in haste, to being careless with sourcing or attribution. 

It not only puts you in hot water with your editor/content marketing manager/another boss-type person, but it also makes you appear inept.

12. Scan through a piece of writing that you admire

Most people read the same blogs or sites regularly because the content is interesting to them – but few people understand why their favourite blogs are so interesting.

Find a few recent blog posts that you like, and then print them out. Next, take a red pen and highlight things you liked. Specific sentences, phrases and even entire paragraphs. 

Consider why you like these elements and whether there are any common threads in your favourite reading material and examine how writers move from one topic to another. 

Put the techniques you found in their work to good use in yours.

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