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Some people think of LinkedIn as a job-hunting site. For others, it is a social network and they can navigate it without any trouble. LinkedIn has more than 550 million users and is often rated as the most trusted social network on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Therefore, although LinkedIn is not the largest of all social networks, it is very reliable. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity to have your voice heard on LinkedIn and consolidate your position as an expert in the field. 

Many people wonder, “What should I post on LinkedIn?” While LinkedIn is a social network, there are certain types of content you can post here that may not work as well on other networks. 

Here are 6 powerful LinkedIn post ideas you can use right away, and what you can accomplish with each idea. 

 1. Try Long Form Original Content 

LinkedIn makes it easy to write and publish your original content. When you log into your account, it’s at the top. 

Just like a blog, posting original content on LinkedIn is a great way to get exposure for yourself and your business. Writing articles allows you to reach an active content consumer audience. 

Original content does not mean you have to spend hours writing. 

When you attend meetings, have interesting conversations, and participate in your community, add them to the list of LinkedIn post ideas. When you sit down and write, you have several options. 

By writing on LinkedIn, you can add your voice to the network of people who are already listening. This strategy allows you to stand out in your field and enhance your professional reputation. Remember, it can take a long time to build a fan base and become an expert, therefore it’s never too early to start. 

If you are a loan officer, let us estimate that half of your contacts are real estate agents and the other half are former customers. For most followers, only publishing interest rates and what the Fed is doing is boring. Many were not in the loan service market at all when they were released. 

The key is to keep sharing information that customers are interested in. This industry content allows you to showcase other topics that you are familiar with that may be helpful to customers. 

You should include posting information on other areas related to homeownership. Ideas for LinkedIn posts can be seasonal maintenance tasks or energy efficiency tips. You may also be an expert in long-term retirement and savings plans. Share meaningful content of yours and make you look like a pro. 

People remember smart people who give reliable information. A loan officer isn’t someone you see often, so in the long run, sharing industry-related content will help keep you in the first place. 

Timely and relevant content is always good for LinkedIn posts. Share new blog posts, industry magazine stories, or any current content that you find relevant to you, your industry, or your accumulated network of followers. 

Sharing trends and understanding the latest research can help you improve your status as a thought leader in your network? 

It positions you as an informed professional. It doesn’t matter if people agree or disagree, everyone likes to read other people’s thoughts.

 4. Show off a little 

For a brand or business, the idea of ​​a LinkedIn post should include friendly mentions and engaging content. As far as big brands are concerned, they position themselves as attractive and engaging brands. They are still connected to your product, but it is not the only content you see. 

When you share all kinds of content, you are no longer a sales-oriented entity, but a personable company that cares about the well-being of readers. 

 5. Find tips, tricks, and how-tos 

Whether your audience is like-minded professionals in the same industry, past customers, or a combination of both, you will not go wrong when sharing teachable content. We are normally drawn to lists, best practices, and how-to guides and maybe that’s how you first saw this article! 

Share information that helps your audience, whether or not they are in the sales cycle with you. This is a way of being seen as someone who wants to help and doesn’t always sell. 

 6. Post videos and presentations 

Photos and videos are huge on other social networks, and LinkedIn is no exception. When you scratch your head and think of a LinkedIn post, think about what you’re stopping to look at and watching. 

Found an inspiring TED talk or inspiring image? Found an interesting SlideShare presentation? Post it! These are all things worth sharing on your LinkedIn network. 

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