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Ad agencies are similar to tailors. The advertising company generates the ads, arranges them for their distribution, and then gives them to the client. Most of the time, advertising agencies are independent of any organization. These businesses make every effort to sell their clients’ products. They have a team of individuals who are experts in their particular professions, assisting businesses or organizations in simply and effectively reaching their target audience.

Roles of Advertising agencies in Kenya

We come up with a strategy that portrays the thought process of the ad to the placements and targeting. All this involves constructing an advertisement based on data about a product, researching the business, the product, and customer responses, and then deciding what kind of media will be used, when and where, and for how long will the ad run.

Each business can complete this task independently. They can create advertisements, print them, or advertise them on television or in other media. They can also handle the accounts. What justifies their demand for advertising agencies then? The following are the justifications given by businesses for using advertising agencies:

Advertising agencies are professionals in this area. Copywriters, art directors, planners, and other professionals make up their diverse workforce.

Advertising agencies make the best use possible of these individuals, their experience, and their expertise.

They are professional and operate with a purpose.

Hiring them results in cost savings to some extent as they come up with a creative that communicates as well as targets the right people.

Advertising agencies often fall into one of five categories.

Full-service organizations

  • Sizeable agencies
  • Covers all phases of advertising
  • Different types of experts are in the different departments
  • They gather data, analyze it and then connect to the media people for payments in case it’s on tv or radio, or billboards.

Interactive Agencies

  • Modernized communication methods are employed.
  • utilizes web marketing, mobile phone text messaging, etc.
  • The advertisements created are highly imaginative, and interactive, and include brand-new ideas.

Creative Boutiques

  • Commercials that are quite original and imaginative.
  • Other than producing real commercials, nothing else is done.
  • Smaller firms with in-house copywriters, directors, and creatives

Agency for Buying Media

  • Purchases advertising space and then sells it to marketers.
  • Sells the period during which advertising will run.
  • Schedules time slots on various radio and television stations.
  • Lastly, make sure the advertisement has been broadcast at the chosen time and location.

In- House Agencies

  • Comparable to full-service organizations.
  • Work for a specific company and work per the requirement of the organization.

Several specialized companies handle certain unique advertisements. These organizations require personnel with specialized expertise in that area. For instance, commercials with social themes, commercials for financial products, commercials for pharmaceuticals, etc. You can always consult us for your advertising needs, we are an advertising agency that is well-equipped to increase your visibility and help you convert sales.

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