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Boost customer engagement  and awareness.

We develop brand experiences that make people aware of your company, boosting engagement and awareness. By planning one major event or a string of memorable activities, we can capture the soul of your brand and give it the attention it deserves in your marketing campaign tactics.

We concentrate on brand engagement, which aims to create a lasting relationship between the brand and the customer, and activation based on direct-response marketing.

Product Launches

CHARLESON® works with you to construct a launch event that will attract your target audience and garner viral interest and reviews, whether you need rapid traction or generate talk and build suspense over time for your product.

We have executed hundreds of outstanding and successful product launch events for some of our esteemed clients from various industries, earning us a reputation as the top product launch event organizer nationally. Instead of bragging about our expertise in this area, we’ll let our client testimonials do the talking.

Brand Activations

Imagine pop-up shops with interactive elements, live product demonstrations with a twist, or virtual reality experiences that transport consumers into the heart of your brand story. Brand activations are all about creating a deeper connection with your target audience and fostering brand loyalty.

We handle everything, from brainstorming creative concepts to securing permits and managing logistics, our team of experts takes care of every detail. Experiential storytelling, we weave your brand story into the activation, creating a lasting impression that traditional advertising can’t match.

Roadshow Activations

Elevate your experiential marketing with CHARLESON’S Roadshow Activations as a Service. We bring your brand directly to your target audience, creating impactful moments across multiple locations. Interactive product demos in a custom-designed mobile experience. Pop-up shops that transform into vibrant brand communities as they travel.

Roadshow Activations are perfect for:

  • New product launches: Generate buzz and excitement for your latest offering.
  • Brand awareness campaigns: Reach a wider audience and leave a lasting impression.
  • Targeted outreach: Connect with specific demographics in key markets.


Expos are a great way to showcase your brand, but how do you make sure you’re not lost in a sea of brochures and banners? We transform your expo presence from a static display into an engaging experience.

Interactive product demonstrations that stop attendees in their tracks. Playful gamified activations that drive engagement and generate leads. Let our team of experts craft an expo activation that ignites excitement, sparks conversation, and drives results.


We offer conference management services for intimate executive meetings and large-scale international summits. Planning a conference from conception to execution can consume a significant amount of your staff away from the day-to-day work since it is a job. We collaborate effectively to provide industry- and trade-based conferences and gatherings that offer venues for networking and comparison of market trends and norms.


CHARLESON ensures that your Gala event’s styling, lighting, sets, and props are top-notch. We make sure that the event has speakers, ceremonies, and entertainment without making it into a bore fest. We know how important it is to design an event experience that accurately represents your business, attendees, nominations, and winners.

Our goal is to create only faultless, memorable Gala events with a well-thought-out approach that ensures success.

Our Work

We have supported top companies creating lasting customer connections across Africa.


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March 27, 2024
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Old Farm Tea

March 27, 2024


May 9, 2023

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