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(And How to Use Them in 2023)

Most businesses were primarily concerned with merely getting their operations online to survive the pandemic in 2020. Twilio claims that COVID-19 sped up business digital communications initiatives by six years.

With more online competition in 2021, the emphasis turned to standing out online. However, as many jumped online, they faced challenges in 2021 and 2022. As the leading digital marketing agency in Kenya

We have gathered valuable pieces that cover the many new strategies and resources available to assist you in developing marketing content that will entice and hook your online audience.

Thanks for the lessons, 2022. Here’s how we will use them in 2023.

Online competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Here’s how you can make your landing page stand out.

Although we hate to say it, companies are selling the same item online as you. There may be thousands of landing pages fighting for the attention of your prospects, with 500,000 new web pages going live daily.

How can you steer visitors away from the landing pages of your rivals and toward yours? Through specific landing pages, such as Jigsaw’s interactive one. The message is more remembered since visitors must shift their cursor to see the headline. To get help with your landing page, consult the leading eCommerce builders in Kenya.

Marketers still need to make common landing page mistakes. Here’s what you need to avoid in 2023.

If you’ve ever looked into how to make landing pages that convert well, there are several things you ought to be doing. You complete them and publish your page, but it doesn’t convert well. What’s up?

Sometimes the solutions might be found by avoiding certain situations. Yes, you might be doing everything right—including avoiding common errors on landing pages.

For instance, do you send your prospects to the same landing page? As a result, there may be a lower conversion rate. According to HubSpot data, companies with 31 to 40 landing pages generate seven times as many leads as those with just one to five of them. 12 times as many leads are generated by businesses with over 40 landing pages as opposed to those under 40.

To save time and produce more material, companies use AI copywriting tools.

Everyone knows that effective copywriting is crucial to standing out in the marketing industry. Unique and personalized material attracts the most clicks, but that can be easier said than done. (Thanks, block of writing.)

Despite having some reservations, you’ve heard about AI-powered copywriting and may have even contemplated giving it a try. (Can a robot produce a copy that sounds human?) . In my experience as a copywriter, I like to think of them as my helpers. They help me save time and have more 

time to research. However, it is crucial to have a team of creatives helping you come up with ideas.

That will sell your business.

Involve a marketing agency

Well, imagine a company that does all your marketing, from social media pages to running Google Ads, to ensure you are on the first page of Google. Notably, this will help you focus on other parts of your business rather than straining with digital marketing events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I invest in digital marketing agencies in Kenya?

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