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As a business owner, you must stay in the digital space as it acts as a platform to engage with existing and potential clients. The digital space for business is evolving daily, and it is crucial to be up-to-date with your online presence. It is also essential to utilize various platforms’ improvements to reach and engage more people. Luckily, Charleson, the leading digital marketing agency in Kenya, has listed trends you can jump into to grow your business.


In our view, Instagram continues to be the top platform for marketers.


  • There are 1.5 billion active Instagram users daily (and over 2 billion monthly).
  • Between July and October 2022, Reels saw a 220 million user increase.
  • Instagram users claim to utilize it 62% of the time (62% on Facebook, 55% on Instagram) to research brands and goods.
  • It is the most popular app among 16 to 24-year-olds (yep, TikTok is still beaten by it).
  • Because of its established ad platform and in-app shopping features, your ROI is not at risk.
  • Instagram continues to promote videos heavily. For instance, all Instagram videos are now Reels, and the recommendation system highly favors Reels.

Google Trends shows interest in Reels reaching all-time highs after Adam Mosseri’s announcement that all videos on Instagram would be Reels (in July 2022).

Notably, this means that the superb option for advertisers to attract new users to the site is to post Instagram Reels. Google Trends indicates that when Adam Mosseri announced that all videos on Instagram would be Reels, interest in Reels reached all-time highs (in July 2022).

Task list

  • If you still need to become familiar with short-form videos, open the Reels tab and practice.
  • Make a distinction between creating evergreen videos with original audio and more viral videos that rely on popular audio, reactions, stitches, etc.


Have you noticed recently that there are more and more personal updates on your LinkedIn feed? The kind of news do you generally expect to read on 

Facebook’s news feed?

Not just you, either. The forum is surprisingly more personal than it used to be, with CEOs sobbing, stressed-out parents submitting images of their kids, advice on breastfeeding, and much more.

In the comments section of a famous piece about a CEO’s breastfeeding challenges, there is a discussion over whether Facebook would be a better venue.

Has LinkedIn modified its algorithm to favor articles with more personalized content? Or have the lines separating our personal and professional lives been destroyed by the pandemic?

Facebook, where we frequently post content of this sort, has poor trust. Because most other social media platforms feel crowded, LinkedIn feels like a chance to stand out.

Gen Z will reshape UGC.

User-generated content (UGC) is typically defined as content produced on social media by average people as opposed to content made by businesses. For instance, Nike might repost a picture of a satisfied consumer sporting their new Nike sneakers rather than uploading a photograph of the goods a professional photographer took.

UGC is fantastic for businesses interested in raising consumer awareness and strengthening client relationships. It increases brand loyalty since it is genuine social proof and makes the UGC creator feel special.

Despite this, it has lately come to our attention that Gen Z views “UGC” in a completely different context—namely, as social media content created by independent marketers or micro-influencers on behalf of companies.

According to Gen Z, companies pay “UGC creators” to create content that appears to be user-generated.


TikTok Popularity

TikTok became the most significant marketing social network, as forecasted in our social media trends for 2022.But this year, we’re going far further than we did with our projection.

TikTok doesn’t simply seem to want to be the top social network for advertisers, judging by the quantity of new features it will be releasing in 2022. It aspires to be the best social network ever, bar none. It is a tool you cannot underestimate, as many potential clients are in Tiktok.

Wrap Up

Knowing the trends and jumping into them is crucial. However, you need a strategy to help you thrive on various platforms. That is where Charleson comes in; we are the top marketing agency in Kenya, ready to blow your minds with our strategy and increase your brand awareness and interactions to convert leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a social media agency?

It is a creative agency that focuses on creating and organizing content for firms to keep them visible in the digital world to gain conversions. Social media agencies are tasked to develop social media marketing strategies & execute marketing campaigns for clients. They help a company build its brand on online platforms. They manage all your online handles and create exciting content to keep your clients hooked to your services or products. Check out our social media services; we help companies utilize social media platforms to generate revenue and increase their visibility. 

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