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Have you ever attempted to create a Facebook ad campaign? Did you find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out what an ad objective is and which one to pick for your ad? 

There are 13 campaign objectives to choose from but not much supporting content to help make that selection.

The first step in determining which Facebook Ad objective is best for your campaign is determining which overarching category corresponds to where the people you’re trying to reach are in your sales funnel.

  • Awareness objectives are best used when you’re targeting people at the top of your funnel. When you’re trying to get people to take an interest in the products you sell, you should choose one of the Awareness objectives.
  • Consideration objectives are better suited for the middle of the funnel (MOF). These types of ads are best utilised when you want to reach people who have expressed an interest in your products and are looking for more information about your store or brand.
  • Conversion objectives are ideal for when you want to target people who are almost at the bottom of your sales funnel. These are the people you want to drive to your physical store or make a purchase from your online store.

Facebook Ad Objectives: Awareness

Awareness objectives are a great way to go when you want to raise brand awareness. There are two types of Awareness ads;

1. Brand awareness

This type of Facebook Ad objective should be used if you want to increase brand awareness for your brand. Facebook will try to get your ad in front of people who are more likely to be interested in what you’re advertising with this type of campaign.

2. Reach

This type of Facebook ad objective should be used if you want to reach as many people as possible within your target audience. This type of ad will be ideal for you if you have an ad that you want to be seen by as many people as possible, like when you are about to launch a new product in your store or when you have special offers for multiple brands, products, or a product category, and you do not need them to take a specific action.

Facebook Ad Objectives: Consideration

You should try one of the following ad objectives if you want your audience to do more than just be aware of your ad. They’re ideal for reaching people in the middle of your funnel, those who are already interested in the things you’re offering in your store, and those who are already engaged with your brand.

1. Traffic 

The goal of this Facebook ad objective is to drive traffic to your online store from outside of Facebook. This is the goal for you if you have a new product page or landing page that you want people to visit.

2. Engagement 

The Engagement objective should be used when you want more people to interact with your ad, such as react to it and like it, comment on it, share it, reply to your event, or claim your offer. Facebook will target the individuals who are most likely to engage with your ad with this Facebook ad objective 2020.

3. App Installs 

This is a very specific type of ad objective that is exclusively suited to advertisers who want to promote an app. The goal of the Facebook App Installs goal is to send people who Facebook thinks will be interested in your app to download or sign up for it.

4. Video Views 

When you’re promoting a video and want more people to watch it, use this ad objective. This is also a very precise ad objective that should not be used if you want people to click on your link or convert on the goods you’re marketing.

5. Lead Generation 

Lead generation advertising on Facebook allows you to generate leads without sending traffic to a third-party website. Facebook may also autofill the name, email address, and possibly even phone number of users who click on your ad, making it easier for them to fill up lead forms.

Facebook Ad Objectives: Conversion

Conversion objectives are the third and final category. You should use one of these Facebook Ad objectives to convert people and get them to take a specific action. Conversion objectives are perfect for the people at the bottom of your sales funnel.


Use the Conversions Facebook ad objective if you’re looking to optimize for a specific type of conversion, such as a purchase, email newsletter sign-ups, or event registration. Each of these activities is a conversion, and if your goal is to increase the number of conversions, Conversions is the ad objective for you.

1. Catalogue sales 

This ad objective is great if you want to advertise some or all your store’s products.

Since this ad objective is targeted at people at the bottom of your sales funnel, you may expect Facebook to have obtained a significant amount of data from them via the Facebook pixel.

Facebook then analyzes that information to determine which of your products is most likely to be purchased and displays that product at times when the algorithm thinks the best moment to make a purchase is.

2. Store Traffic

Store traffic campaigns can help you in boosting foot traffic and drawing in customers to your store. You can target people who live in the vicinity of your physical location with Facebook’s Localization targeting. This type of ad allows you to communicate with your clients in a localized and personalized way.


Choosing the right Facebook ad objective can help your ads perform better, which is why you should carefully consider which of the available Facebook Ads objectives to use for each of your campaigns.

For that reason, if you’re on the fence about which objectives to use, pick out a few different campaign objectives to test against each other for a specified goal and determine which is more successful at achieving the predetermined goal.

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